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Bakersfield DUI attorney Richard O. Middlebrook can provide exceptional legal representation in challenging any type of DUI charge throughout Kern County, California.

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A native of Bakersfield, California, Ms. Medina knew at the age of 7 she wanted to be an attorney. Having participated in debate during her years at West High School, Ms. Medina went on to study criminal justice and political science at California State University, Bakersfield.

Her first courtroom experience came her junior year in college when she fought a traffic ticket in pro per. The exhilaration she felt when the commissioner sustained her relevance objection during the officer's testimony gave her a taste of what she always knew she wanted to do: fight to preserve the Constitutional rights of all citizens.

Upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree, Ms. Medina went on to attend Thomas Jefferson School of Law where she was an active member of the Criminal Law Society. Her final year in law school, Ms. Medina clerked for a sole practitioner in the areas of construction defect and real estate law.

She returned to Bakersfield after sitting for the California Bar Exam and began her legal career with non-profit organization, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance. There, she held the position of Project Attorney for the Equal Access Fund, which focused on obtaining domestic violence restraining orders, T-Visas, and U-Visas for lower income individuals. Even after leaving the employ of GBLA, Ms. Medina still gives her time working with the Volunteer Attorney Program to assist those who cannot afford private counsel.

Since joining Mr. Middlebrook's firm, Ms. Medina has been successful in receiving several favorable rulings in pretrial motions which have resulted in dismissal of the charges against many of our clients. She is a valuable asset to the team who is dedicated to providing superior service to clients to insure that their rights are protected throughout every step of the process.

Kern County DUI Attorney

DUI Lawyer in Kern County

The Law Offices of Richard O. Middlebrook is Kern County's preeminent DUI firm. The attorneys are members of the National College of DUI Defense and the California DUI Lawyers Association. Each attorney has extensive knowledge and experience in the defense of DUI cases. Richard O. Middlebrook has done hundreds of hours of special training in DUI defense and the attorneys have unparalleled knowledge regarding the science behind driving under the influence charges. The current testing equipment used is faulty most of the time. The firm consults with independent toxicologists in the defense of a client accused of drunk driving.

Kern County DUI Lawyer

The clients are of paramount importance to the Team. Each one deserves the full attention and dedication of their attorney. This focus on the client and the willingness to be available to them is one of the strengths of the firm. Your calls will be returned quickly. Your case will be given the priority treatment it deserves. This is important, but the ultimate goal of the Team is to achieve the best possible outcome available and do everything legally and ethically possible to achieve it. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is crucial that you get legal representation from the Law Offices of Richard O. Middlebrook to protect your rights and fight for you.

Richard Middlebrook is former Kern County Prosecutor. This experience is of great value in DUI defense, as the attorneys are very familiar with the prosecution viewpoint and this is an advantage in negotiations that could be necessary in your case. In any DUI charge, it may be possible to get the case dismissed regardless of the blood alcohol level. Cases with blood alcohol several times the legal limit have routinely been won. This does not happen without hard work and a systematic and unmatched analysis of the case at hand. All possible aspects of the case are reviewed and any court challenges that can be made regarding the evidence will be discovered and evaluated. There are no "dump trucks" here. You are protected legally by a high-quality, determined and exceptionally trained attorney.

Contact a Bakersfield DUI Attorney from the Law Offices of Richard O. Middlebrook if you have been charged with DUI and are seeking exceptionally qualified legal representation. View our profile at FindADUIAttorney.com.
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